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We're Here to Help!


We advocate for those who need our help the most. MSP-CAN helps parents learn how to advocate for their own children and provides training to help your become a family leader.


Key benefits:

  • Families, youth, caregivers, and professionals can attend upcoming events, trainings, and conferences to enhance awareness of children’s mental health issues

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We provide information to anyone who requests it and refer parents and families to local, trusted professionals. We assist you with gaining knowledge on children’s mental health needs and supports in your region or on a statewide level.

Key benefits:

  • Receive information (brochures, literature, and/or websites) regarding your specific need(s)

  • Gain knowledge about children’s mental health and treatment and support services

  • Get valuable information related to anything your family needs - from free trainings to medical/dental information

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We support our communities and friends every day. MSP-CAN provides individual support delivered by parents and caregivers with lived experience raising their own children who experience mental health challenges - who understand the unique challenges you may be facing.

Key benefits:

  • Opportunities to attend parent-to-parent support groups

  • 1:1 individual support from any staff person

  • Ability to gain knowledge, coping skills, and a support system to help parents express their concerns with other parents with similar circumstances and achieve optimum services for their children.

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